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and stress Related Disorders

If our various news services are to be believed, South Africa is riddled with “trauma counsellors”. After virtually any disaster, accident, or just an unfortunate event, we are often informed that the victims are receiving “trauma counselling”.

Where do these counsellors hide out? What do they look like? How come they’re always available and on the scene? Do they, like tow trucks, hang around waiting for an opportunity to deliver their services? Have we underestimated the human capacity to survive after aversive events?

The different Trauma and Stress-related disorders will be discussed in this live webinar. When a person’s daily life functioning or life choices continue to be affected by the traumatic event, professional assistance may be required. This webinar will address the health practitioner’s role when addressing trauma.

Presenter: Dr. Marlene Arndt

Clinical Psychologist

25 years’ experience


Date : 25th and 26th of April

Time: 18:30  till 20:30

Price: R385

Points : 4 CPD Points

Accredited: Psychologists | Registered Counsellors

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About Dr Arndt

Dr Arndt is a clinical psychologist in private practise for over 25 years.
She has published twelve articles in international journals, and a book

She conducts assessments in terms of disability, competence, and diagnostic tests for psychiatric hospital admissions.

She is recognized as being capable to assist the court and to provide expert opinion on psychological disorders and the impact this has on the person’s functioning and within the person’s sphere.

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