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Work Permits

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1 CPD Credit


On 6 July 1988 167 men died as a result of an explosion and fire on board the Piper Alpha platform in the UK Sector of the North Sea. The subsequent enquiry revealed that this disaster occurred because the workers disregarded one of the key safety management procedures – the permit system.
This module serves to introduce you to the permit system as it is implemented in an industrial manufacturing environment.
In Unit 1 you will find out what the permit system is and what different types of permits are in use at your company.
Unit 2 explains the principles of the permit system.
In Unit 3 you will learn how to interpret all the different sections on a permit and find out what preparations have to be made in the workplace to meet permit conditions.

After working through this module, you will be able to:
Explain the work permit system and its applications in your organisation
Define the different types of permits in use in Your organisation
Describe the permit “life cycle”
Explain the responsibilities of the different parties in the permit system
Explain the statutory requirements of the permit system
Interpret all the different sections on the work permit in accordance with workplace procedures
Perform all the necessary preparations to prepare the workplace for permit procedures in accordance with permit requirements
Act as the standby during permit procedures
Retrieve permit on completion of work and report according to procedures
Monitor permit conditions during maintenance work
Explain when a permit should be withdrawn
Return permit conditions to normal on completion of permit work

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