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Waste Water

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Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Industrial Engineering


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Accreditation number: Lan 135

1 CPD Credit

Overview of module content

This module has been designed to equip you with the necessary understanding of wastewater/sewage and stormwater systems in industry

Water is one of the most important resources in the chemical and process industries.  As South Africa is a relatively dry country and the supply of fresh water is limited, this knowledge is critical.

Unit 1 addresses the sources and use of industrial water.  Unit 2 focuses on the applications of an industrial wastewater system.  In Unit 3 you will be introduced to water pollution prevention practices.  Unit 4 provides you with the necessary knowledge of good housekeeping and hygiene in your personal as well as the work environment.

The wastewater field is a very specialised field and uses terminology (technical words or terms) that would be completely new to you.  We have tried to explain new terms the first time we use them in the text and also placed a “glossary” at the back for you to look up any unknown terms used.  Since this is going to be the world you will work in, make sure you understand the terminology – why not highlight all new terms you learn and make your own list with their meanings as you work through this book?

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