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Trauma Course

Accredited for 4 CPD points

Presented by Dr M Arndt


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Accredited for 4  CPD points (Psychology) Course expires 31 December 2020

Accredited by the HSPCA

health profession of south africa

violence has become an undeniable component of many individuals living in South Africa. As a result, there is an increasing awareness of the negative effects of violence on the population. The cost to society when individuals are psychologically and physically harmed as a result of exposure to violence and trauma is immeasurable . The different Trauma and Stress-related disorders will be discussed in this workshop. When a person experiences a traumatic event, he/she becomes an injured person that suffers from emotional wounds. Over time, even without professional treatment, the symptoms of an emotional trauma generally diminish, and normal daily functioning gradually returns. However, sometimes the sequelae of the aftermath do not subside. Therefore, when a person’s daily life functioning or life choices continue to be affected by the traumatic event, professional assistance may be required. This workshop content will address the health practitioner’s role when addressing trauma.

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