Self Care in the time of Corona

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Accredited for 4 CPD points

Presented by Dr M Arndt

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Accredited for 4 CPD points

This course expires on 31/12/2020

While many people are resilient to the changes wrought by COVID-19, this global
crisis will test others in major ways. As the pandemic continues to grow and isolation and anxiety take their toll, research findings have shown a significant increase in therapy requests.

Since in-person appointments are not an option, even for traditional therapists, patients are often turning to virtual sessions and phone calls,an adjustment that is not always easy. Therapists are not immune from the anger,fear, anxiety, and overall mental health impact their patients are suffering from.

For the first time in history, therapists and clients share the same experience as their clients. Therefore, I will refer to “we” in this CPD course. What we are feeling is normal, what is happening is abnormal.

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