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Dean Murinik | Tsunami Survivor

Dean Murinik, who is a survivor of the 2004 tsunami, believes that his
survival is a metaphor of how we all have to tread water in all
aspects of our lives.

Dean invites you to join him on his journey by sharing his life’s
lessons in a compelling and eye-opening presentation, in which he
shares his discovery of inner strength and overcoming adversity.

Dean has appeared on many multi -media, international platforms
including Fortune 150 Companies and leading sports teams, where he has
received standing ovations.

In 2019, Dean, as a motivational speaker, was humbled, to be a
finalist in the ABSA  Achiever Awards. These awards acknowledge
excellence in professional categories, nationally and internationally.

In his talks, Dean provides both an emotional and intellectual
recharge, which teach the lessons of how enduring life’s hardships
with humility and positivity, can ultimately lead to a fulfilling and
productive life.

For more detailed information, we request that you take a look at his
attached profile and website:


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