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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 2022

Accredited for 3 CPD Points

Psychologists | Registered Counsellors

Presented by Dr Arndt



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Accredited for 3 CPD Points 

This course expires on 31/12/2022

This CPD course will provide attendees with a guide for the clinical application of
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT is strongly grounded in empirical studies
of processes, and the effectiveness of CBT is widely publicized. This course will
provide attendees with a theoretical and clinical formulation (Dr. Aaron Beck) that
guides the therapy process. The course will focus on the application of CBT, present
the extent of the experience, provide the attendees with practical techniques, and
discuss the steps necessary for the successful treatment of clients.

HPCSA Update:

Changes to the HPCSA CPD Submission process

From the 1st of Feb 2022, CPD certificates for HPCSA delegates will no longer be needed / issued.
Service providers are required to complete a template after each activity and this will be sent through to the HPCSA by the service providers.  The HPCSA will then capture the points on behalf of the delegates.
This new process will automatically upload the accredited CPD event/activity points to the HPCSA professional’s profile.
As I am sure you can imagine, this new process will have some teething problems.  This process does alleviate the burden on the professionals to keep track of the CPD points and certificates and allows for automatic update of the CPD points directly to the HPCSA.  This process further removes all administrative burdens from the health professionals and places all the administrative burdens on the service provider providing the CPD activity.
All discrepancies regarding point’s needs to be discussed with the service providers.
All service providers need to submit this information to the HPCSA “immediately” after a CPD event.  In the case online activities with a MCQ component, the suggestion was that such information be submitted to the HPCSA once a month

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