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Sex and Sexuality 2021

Accredited for 5 CPD points

Psychology | Registered Counsellor

Presented by Dr M Arndt


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Accredited for 5 CPD Points (Psychology)

course expires 31/12/2021

Please note if you attended the Live Webinar of Sex and Sexuality on the 17th of the June 2020 this is the same Accreditation Number 

Description of course:

Sexual health concerns are likely to present to practicing psychologists due to their high prevalence and association to mental and physical health problems (and treatment thereof) in clients. The psychologist should be able to explore the emotional, relational, and other issues which might impact negatively on the clients’ sexuality; these may also affect other areas of the clients’ life. Therapeutic intervention entails that the psychologist must be able to work with individuals and couples in a variety of ways to improve their body image, self-esteem, and communication skills in order for their sex lives to be more fulfilling. However, the majority of psychologists do not receive training in this field. This lack of training affects the level of comfort and knowledge of the psychologist which may in turn affect the therapeutic relationship. Accredited by:

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