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Termination of Pregnancy

Therapists and Health Care workers

4 CPD Points

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Date and Time

23 Novemember 2020
18:00 to 21:00

CPD Points

4 CPD Points

“All we see of someone at any moment is a snapshot of their life. Snapshots do not show the million decisions that led to that moment”

Richard Bach

About the webinar

Termination of Pregnancy (TOP) is a common experience for people around the world; yet it is often excluded from the curricula of Health Professionals, therefore the aim of this course is to fill this gap. 

Creating a neutral and welcoming space for clients to talk about such a sensitive matter is paramount. If we do not have any experience working in this area, we may do more damage without meaning to.

The webinar will focus on understanding the professional responsibilities of health-care providers and psychologist’s caring for women, recognizing appropriate and inappropriate applications of “conscience” in the setting of abortion care, recognize patients’ autonomy and freedom in the process of decision making, and providing objective and compassionate options.

The therapist needs to be able to provide accurate information about the termination of pregnancy, provide woman with a safe space in which a woman can explore her feelings and any reservations she may have about abortion, consider and discuss all of her options, and know that she is not alone.

About Dr Arndt

Dr Marlene Arndt is a Clinical Psychologist 

She has published twelve articles in International Journals, as well as a book She provides therapeutic supervision for psychologists in practice, as well as supervision for Masters and Doctoral research students.

Dr. Arndt conducts assessment in terms of disability, competence, and diagnostic tests for admittance to psychiatric hospitals.  Dr. Arndt is also recognized as being capable to assist the court, and to provide her expert opinion on psychological disorders, and the impact this has on the person’s functioning, as well as on those within the person’s sphere.

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