Presented By Dr Tania Holz

Navigating The Minefields Within The Context Of High Conflict Divorce

Details Of Live Webinar

This webinar will attempt to provide a basic understanding of the role of the psychologist within the field of divorce: therapeutic and psycho-legal. It aims to take on a practical approach to navigating the challenges as a professional when working with families, who find themselves in a system rendered chaotic and dysfunctional by elevated conflict between parents. Within the field professionals can assist families in various roles: therapeutic, investigative, as mediator or as Parenting Coordinator.

Included in this is an exploration of the following processes and concepts:

  • Effective communicating with potential clients at the onset of a therapeutic or psycho-legal  process to ensure clarity around the role of the professional.
  • The invaluable safety net of supervision.
  • An exploration of certain guidelines in the Children’s Act such as The Best Interest of the Child Standard and Parenting Plans.
  • The concepts of attachment, alignment, alienation, enmeshment, and estrangement
  • The voice of the child
  • Parenting Coordination
  • Bonding therapy or re-integrative therapy
Details Of Webinar

Date: 22nd and 23rd of May 2023

Time: 18:30 to 21:00

Price: R556

Points: 5 CPD Points 

Psychologist and Registered Councillors


about Dr Tania Holz

 Dr Tania Holz’s  has been for working with children. Her professional career started off in the field of teaching both in mainstream and specialized education. Dr Tania Holz then went on to qualifying as an Educational Psychologist in 2001 followed by completing a PhD in Child Psychology and Related Fields. Since 2001, Dr Holz has been working in private practice. Her focus has been on providing psychotherapy as well as dealing with forensic and psycho-legal matters where she assists with contact and residency investigations, relocation assessments, sexual abuse assessments, reconstructive therapy, mediation of Parenting Plans and with Parenting Coordination. Moreover, Dr Holz has formed  part of the executive committees of EPASSA (Educational Psychology Association of South Africa), SEPSA (Society for Educational Psychology of South Africa) and of SAAM (South African Association of Mediators)  

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