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The Intake Interview

Accredited for Psychologists and Registered Councillors

Presented by

Dr Arndt

The initial interview is the first steppingstone. The importance of interviews in psychology includes building trust and rapport with the client.

The purpose of the interview is to understand the specific needs of the clients and to obtain information.

During the interview, a psychologist will gather information regarding a client’s family history, social life, employment, financial situation, previous experience in mental health treatment and other factors that can impact mental health and well-being.

The elements that are incorporated into the process of a complete and thorough interview are astounding, yet with appropriate structure and practice, the process can be the determining factor for a successful outcome for the client.

This course will provide you with the format for the intake interview and also discuss all the relevant questions that forms part of the intake interview.

Details of Webinar

Date: Monday the 25th of July

Time: 18:30 till 20:30

Price R199

Accreditation: 2 CPD Points


Interviewing is the foundation from which all psychological care proceeds

It is a true blending of science, craft and art

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