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How to get your CPD Points

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What is CPD Points and how do you get them

What does CPD mean?

CPD is a short term for Continued Professional Development

Professionals who wished to maintain their registration with the different  councils or professional bodies would have to upkeep a specific number of CPD points as was instructed by the Council/Professional bodies 

To get those points a professional would need to attend seminars, online webinars, conferences etc that have been approved to award these points

The Intention of implementing CPD was so that the professionals would need to constantly update their levels of knowledge, skills and ethical attitudes and not just sit back and rest on their laurels

Each and every year there CPD points reset and they would need to attain there required points from scratch

CPD Courses Online is a website that offers CPD accredited courses  for different professions.

Through our accredited courses you can receive your CPD points in the comfort of your own home and at your own time

We also offer live accredited webinars.

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