Working with Sexual Orientation and gender identity

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Presented by Vanessa Hemp

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6th and 7th Of March 2023
18:30 to 20:30


4 CEU (must attend)
Psychologists and Registered Councilors



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Expressions of gender identity and sexual orientation have become far more open, with many young people feeling more comfortable to think and explore their gender identity and sexuality. There has been a shift towards greater understanding and acceptance of gender and sexual orientation variance.   In the age of Cancel Culture, many therapists are anxious about working with clients who present with gender identity and sexual orientation struggles. Therapists can fear “getting it wrong” and many then avoid working with these clients. In this workshop the aim is to assist therapists to open up a safe space for their clients to explore these areas in an affirming way.  How to work with individuals through various stages of developing their gender identity and sexual orientation. To alert therapist to particular areas of difficulty and concern that their clients may be experiencing.

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about Vanessa Hemp

Vanessa Hemp is a Clinical Psychologist who trained at Wits University. She worked at Tara Hospital
with children, adolescences and their parents, on an outpatient basis, and then became Head of
Department of Psychology; managing and supervising the psychological service provision throughout the
hospital, including the outpatient and outreach services at Alexandra Clinic. This was a dual
appointment, in the department of Psychiatry at Witwatersrand Medical school- involving lecturing,
supervising clinical work and teaching medical students, psychology interns and psychiatry registrars.
Since leaving the hospital, Vanessa has been in private practice, focusing on adolescents, individual
adult therapy and parenting. She continues to present at conferences on topics relating to children,
adolescence and parenting. Addressing issues of affect regulation and assisting children, teens and their
parents to manage stressful situations and overwhelming feelings has been a major focus of her work.

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