Compassion Fatigue

Live webinar
Presented by Lauren Davis

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29th March 2023
18:30 to 20:30


2 CEU (must attend)
Psychologists and
Registered Councilors



About  the webinar

Compassion fatigue is defined as the negative cost of caring.

As mental health care professionals, it is our job to care so when we find ourselves unable to care in the same way, it is very distressing. 

We have always been at risk of compassion fatigue but the last few years have increased that risk tenfold given the levels of trauma, grief, anxiety and depression that people have been and continue to experience. 

In our desire to help others, we often forget about ourselves – putting our needs last.

We may have the theoretical knowledge about compassion fatigue and how to prevent it but we often don’t put it into practice despite what we have been taught.

This webinar aims to provide practical ways to protect oneself from developing compassion fatigue as well as some ways to recover if you are already feeling the impact of compassion fatigue.

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about Lauren Davis
Lauren Davis

Lauren holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Stellenbosch University in Cape Town

Lauren has extensive experience in: Leadership Development; Executive coaching, Creating thinking environments at work (both in person and virtually), Transforming Meetings (both in person and virtually effectiveness.

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