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Ethics Practice with Care

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The universe is so well balanced that the mere fact that you have a problem, also serves as a sign that there is an ethical solution.

Do your receptionist, filing clerk and colleagues in your psychology practice sign non-disclosure agreements?

Do you have an Informed Consent form that includes the rights of the client and your private practice policies?

Do you have an Informed Consent form for children and adolescents?

Do you have an informed Consent form for the parents/guardians of minor children?

Do you have a Telepsychology Informed consent form?

Do you have a Waiver of Confidentiality form?

Do you have a POPI act document?

Do you have a policy regarding the content of your client files?

This webinar will address the above mentioned documents that are based on Form 223 of the HPCSA. 



Dr. Marlene Arndt

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Arndt is a clinical psychologist in private practise for over 25 years.
She has published twelve articles in international journals, and a book

She conducts assessments in terms of disability, competence, and diagnostic tests for psychiatric hospital admissions.

She is recognized as being capable to assist the court and to provide expert opinion on psychological disorders and the impact this has on the person’s functioning and within the person’s sphere.

The ethics live webinar will start in

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