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Presented by Dr Marlene Arndt

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In this live webinar the significant changes and the disorders in the DSM-5 will be discussed .

In March 2022, the APA came out with the DSM-5 TR. This webinar will also discuss changes to disorders in the DSM–5-TR.

 There is still definite controversy and debate over the diagnosis of mental health disorders.

Why are more and more people receiving psychiatric diagnoses?

What is the best way to understand and classify disordered thoughts, emotions, and behaviours?

Does having symptoms equate to a mental health disorder?

How can we wisely and compassionately care for those who are truly suffering?

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Accredited for Psychologists and Registered Counsellors

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4th and 5th of July 2022
18:30 to 21:00

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R500 - For both nights

Meet our Presenter

Dr Marlene Arndt

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Arndt is a clinical psychologist in private practise for over 25 years.
She has published twelve articles in international journals, and a book

She conducts assessments in terms of disability, competence, and diagnostic tests for psychiatric hospital admissions.

She is recognized as being capable to assist the court and to provide expert opinion on psychological disorders and the impact this has on the person’s functioning and within the person’s sphere.

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