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To function effectively within an organisation, it is important that you understand your role and position in relation to the business environment as a whole as well as the specific environment in which the organisation functions.

The purpose of this course is thus to empower you with basic knowledge of the business environment.  You will do this by exploring how the organisation builds relationships with its employees as well as how it fits within the chemical industry.  You will also explore your own work environment and your role in it, looking at the following questions:

  • How does your organisation fit into the industry in which it operates (the chemical industry)?  What is the role and purpose of the chemical industry?  What is the company’s role and purpose within the industry?  What are the structures and sub-sectors of the chemical industry?  How do suppliers, customers and competitors relate?  Who are the other interested parties (or stakeholders) in this industry? (Unit 1)
  • How would you describe your organisation’s business, its values and objectives (aim or goal)?  What products does it produce (as part of reaching the objective)?  What raw materials does it use?  What processes are used to convert the raw materials to products?  How does this happen (value chain)?  How is the company structured to make this happen and what is your role?  How does the company relate to the environment in which it operates (like the community or the bigger industry)? (Unit 2)
  • How do the structures in the organisation govern the employer-employee relationship?  Which regulations outline good practice regarding employment relationships?  How does your employer deal with specific issues around special workplaces, grievances or complaints, disciplinary issues (to correct), recruiting (hiring) of people or transfers (or moving) of people?  What benefits do the company give you?  Under what conditions will your work?  What does the company require of you (for example rules)?  How do you feel about these issues and how will it influence your relationship? (Unit 3)
  • Who is your employer?   How do you as employee fit into your organisation’s structure?  How does your role make a difference? (Unit 4) THE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY IN SOUTH AFRICA
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