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What is CPD?

A number of years ago, the CPD system was introduced in South Africa by the Health Professions Council of SA.CPD – meaning Continuing Professional Development.  

Health Professionals who wished to maintain their Registration with the Council had to upkeep a specific number of CPD points as was instructed by the Council.  

The purpose of CPD is “to assist health practitioners to maintain and acquire new and updated levels of knowledge, skills and ethical attitudes that will be of measurable benefit in professional practice. The aim is to enhance and promote professional integrity. The beneficiary will ultimately be the patient/ client. 

Guidelines For Health Care Professionals

You are required to obtain 60 CEU points within 24 months after completion of your Community Service/HPCSA registration.

10 of the 60 points have to be obtained for ethics.It is recommended that you acquire 30 points (of which 5 should be for ethics) within the first 12 months to make the process manageable.

After the lapse of the 24 month period, you may be selected for an HPCSA compliance audit at any time which means that your current CEU balance at any date should equal 60 points (of which 10 should be for ethics)

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